Integrated Campaigns

Bringing the multiple worlds of media together can be the ultimate challenge for even more experienced marketers. Between timing, segmentation, coordination, cross-platform testing, and plenty other variables – there is a lot that can go wrong. Buzzbizz Creative is here to help keep your integrated campaign running smoothly while you focus on what you do best – run your company.


Full Digital Marketing Integration

Every successful business owner comes to a point where they must utilize both conventional and digital marketing. The challenges differ depending on which you started with to get your business off the ground. Companies who started with digital marketing should contend with the lack of tracking campaign success they are used to in the digital realm. They also have to adjust their planning to accommodate the not-so-immediate turnaround for changes in campaign messaging. Conventional marketing companies adding digital marketing to the mix must adjust to greater segmentation, faster moving and every changing delivery channels, along with tending to immediate feedback loops.

No matter which direction you are coming from, adding either mass media or digital media to your media mix presents a tremendous amount of opportunity for your brand. Each type of media you choose to include in your marketing brings a certain intrinsic value. Learning the good and bad from each marketing channel is the key to successfully keeping in front of the ever-changing consumer landscape. Buzzbizz Creative offers award-winning experience in this endeavor and proves time and time again an invaluable resource to growing companies expanding their marketing footprint.

Marketing Integration

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