Google Adwords

The sales of Google AdWords is how Google makes most of its money. It is a billion-dollar venture for them. As much as they deserve it by creating the most used search engine in the world, navigating the world of AdWords can be daunting. That’s where Buzzbizz Creative comes in as your fiduciary representative making sure you get the most out of your AdWord dollars.


The Google AdWord Game

Many individuals don’t realize that blindly buying Google AdWords through the AdWords tools doesn’t produce the most profitable AdWords campaigns. The fact is that Google is in the business of selling AdWords and like a great salesman, they are going to try and sell you as much of what they offer as you can afford. So, if you don’t understand the game, you may be throwing both money and opportunities out the window.

Success in AdWords is less about who the highest bidder is and more about who has done the best job of optimizing their campaign. Sometimes, it comes down to reducing how many terms you are competing for. Other times, it can lead back to how well your website is optimized. Whatever it comes down to, Buzzbizz Creative has the experience and expertise to help you get the most out of your AdWord investment.

Game Pieces


Always have clear
goals lined out.


Keep your target
market in mind.


Relevant content
with keywords.


Exact vs broad
match phrases.


Mobile specific


Use negative




Use Conversion


Keep the good
trash the bad.


Use Google’s
remarketing option.

Beyond Google AdWords

Although Google owns over two-thirds of the AdWords market, other platforms can still be money makers. For small businesses, finding a less competitive platform like Bing, Yahoo, or even Yelp! can present a more efficient way of garnering additional new business. The best way to figure out which avenue to pursue in the AdWords game is to take advantage of Buzzbizz Creative’s free AdWords analysis. Get all the insight you need to confidently start a campaign or discover opportunities within your current campaign. There is no obligation or pushy sales pitch, so please, click here to get your free analysis.

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