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Buzzbizz Creative is an employee centric company with client minded employees dedicated to providing world-class marketing services and media production through constructive dissatisfaction.


Meet the team ready to help you be seen and be heard

Michael Buzinski – President & CEO

Bringing a “never say die” attitude to everything he does, Buzz founded Buzzbizz Creative in 2005 after serving in the United States Air Force for 10 years. He blends 25 years of marketing experience with a decade of world travel to create a unique knack for seeing unexplored perspectives when it comes to marketing.

Michael’s passion for helping small and medium-sized businesses comes from serving large corporations early in his career. Examining what makes the giants tick has helped him formulate a marketing process that can scale down effective corporate strategies while keeping in mind the ever-present limited budgets of small business.

Buzz is a community minded person who spends much of his spare time serving his community by serving on multiple non-profit boards, mentoring young entrepreneurs, and raising money for local charitable causes. Of course, he does sneak in an occasional trip down the Seward Highway on his motorcycle and always finds time to get some fishing done during the summer.

Lucille Ballzinski – Chief Morale Officer

Literally the company’s youngest and smallest team member, Lucy brings a smile to everyone she encounters and lifts spirits around the offices on a daily basis. She enjoys fast runs down the hall, long naps on conference room chairs, and chewing on any doorstop she can get her chops on. Be sure scratch her behind the ears when you meet her. She’ll return the favor with endless kisses.

Jenna is one of our graphic designers that is a great asset to our design team

Jenna! Fleur Roosdett – Graphic Designer

Jenna! Fleur Roosdett joined the Buzzbizz Creative team in 2014 after graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Alaska Anchorage, where she worked as a leader and designer for multiple student organizations: including Student Activities, The Northern Light Student Newspaper, and various student-lead clubs.

Jenna!’s love for the digital arts started early in life, as she awkwardly tinkered with Microsoft Paint and KidPix. From then on, her passion for lifelong learning centered around graphic design and her obsessive need for quality sparked her interest in illustration, photography, and ye olde art of printmaking. Jenna! is the type of soul who will go above and beyond all expectations to make someone’s day and strives to get her clients excited about projects that just /need/ to get done. She works best with one of her three kitties on her lap and a Disney blu-ray playing in the background, but throw her on any computer with Adobe and you’ll get some stunning designs.

Jenna! has brought her fine art background to many Buzzbizz Creative design projects, such as USA Powerlifting, Great Northern Cannabis, Christmas Towne, Kenny Creek Lodge, Orthopedic Research Clinic of Alaska (ORCA), American Lung Association’s Smoke Free Housing, Da Poke Man, Good Deal Magazine, and PJ’s Alaskan Wood Craft.

Kaylin Smith – Digital Marketing Specialist

Kaylin landed at Buzzbizz Creative as an intern who was new to the vast world of marketing. She has advanced into the adept Account Coordinator she is today through her practical experience and lessons from her mentors. With her background in client services from retail management and mortgage, Kaylin challenges herself to tackle a variety of daily projects and welcomes new marketing planning opportunities that come her way. Kaylin is currently in the process of obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Marketing at the University of Alaska Anchorage. As she is looking to further her career in marketing, she is applying her skills of consumer behavior and the basics of marketing research.

When she’s not in the bustling office at Buzzbizz Creative, Kaylin can be found spending time with family and friends and appreciating the great outdoors that Alaska has to offer such as hiking, camping, fishing, and snowmachining. She has a strong affection for coffee during the day, and is an aspiring wine connoisseur by night. Brunch is the most underrated meal in her opinion. Kaylin happens to be really good at Tetris which has set her up for success as an adult between efficiently juggling tasks, managing her time, and loading dishwashers.

Rylee Rudd – Account Manager

Rylee is Buzzbizz Creative’s Wasilla Account Manager and business development lead. Born and raised in the beautiful Alaskan Valley, Rylee lives and breathes the culture and way of life that makes the Mat-Su valley one of the most unique and stimulating places to live in the United States of America.

Rylee has a passion for finding the perfect story and campaign to effectively market her clients. She has created dozens of marketing campaigns on multiple channels for companies throughout Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley.

When not hard at work, Rylee loves spending time with her daughter Emma at her cabin in Big Lake. She enjoys the sultry sounds of Steve Winwood and Stevie Nicks around a campfire surrounded by friends and family.

Milo Sumulong – Print Shop Coordinator

Milo has always enjoyed being creative. Since he was a kid he has enjoyed doing anything that let him use his imagination; from legos to his mother’s arts and craft projects. He started to delve deeper into his creativity when he started to learn Photoshop at home and spent hours learning all the weird things you could do. He took this love of computers and art all the way to college where he studied graphic design, printmaking, sculpture, drawing, and typography. Graduating with a BA in Arts.

Milo loves to see the world. He travels regularly visiting places like Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, Las Vegas, and many more places. Be it for vacations, family get togethers, or competitions, he will take any excuse to fly away to see more of the world. He dreams of going further out and visiting more of Asia and many parts of Europe.

Kimmy Jones – Digital Marketing Specialist

Kimmy has been with the Buzzbizz Creative family for over a year, growing her knowledge and strengths in digital marketing. With a background of marketing and management, she brings a bird’s eye view approach to Digital Marketing – taking the comprehensive scope of marketing and integrating it into building the online presence. She’s an eager learner and an avid believer in hard work pays off. She is thrilled to be in a position that allows those qualities to benefit clients and small businesses. Kimmy keeps up with latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trends and techniques as well as the aesthetics of design for optimizing online advertising.  She’s excited to be a part of the creative, friendly, crazy Buzzbizz family and the opportunity it gives her to continue to grow in the field of marketing.

When not in the office, you can find her on the trails with her Australian Shepherd or with her friends and family. Her favorite activities include hot-tubing at her cabin out in Lake Louise viewing the northern lights, making her 4-month-old niece laugh, and enjoying the beautiful state she calls home.

Graduate of UAA from the marketing program focusing on digital marketing

Mitchell Hansen – Digital Specialist

Mitchell is Buzzbizz Creative’s new digital marketing specialist with a knack for finding the story that captivates his client’s audiences. He is a recent graduate of The University of Alaska Anchorage, and brings with him a creative edge that sets him apart from his peers. Mitch lives the Alaska Life; he snowboards, backpacks, hikes, and kayaks his way around the state that he loves. He has a deep passion for connecting to all those he encounters, and is a true people person.

 Originally from Washington, Mitch’s love for the Pacific Northwest and it’s unique climate and outdoor experiences comes from his roots in Issaquah Washington. Mitch is an avid photographer and enjoys capturing his adventures behind the lens with his keen eye for all to see. His creativity flows into his passionate work in the digital marketing department and helps your business be seen and be heard.

Quinton Smith – Video Production Lead

Quinton Smith has been making videos for nearly as long as he’s been out of the womb. At the age of four, caught red-handed with his parents’ VHS camera, his father told him that the camera is not a play-toy. Always quick-witted, the young Quinton chimed back by saying, “I’m not playing with it, I’m making a movie with it.”

From an early age, he realized what can be created when the camera is rolling. He saved up $300 mowing lawns and delivering papers to buy his own camcorder at the age of 12. From there his passion for storytelling and filmmaking took shape and carried on throughout adolescence and into early adulthood. The day after graduating high school, Quinton was hired onto a professional film set as a visual effects supervisor. Since then, he’s taken leadership roles in numerous film productions in multiple departments. His well-rounded skill set has landed him in just about every role you can imagine, whether that be writer, director, editor, or even sound mixer. His one-man-band experience can make your ideas a reality without the cost of a film crew.

In his free-time, Quinton continues to consistently produce short films. His creations have been tolerated in multiple film festivals and countries across the globe. Aside from film, Quinton has worked in marketing since 2013 creating countless uniquely branded videos to help achieve the goals and dreams of his clients.

Chris Snipes – Account Manager

If you were to describe Chris in only a few words, they would be “fun-loving” and “competitive.”  At heart, he is a hardworking hedonist, and while that is an oxymoron, it describes Chris perfectly.  He enjoys the hard work that life demands while also reveling in its pleasures.  Whether it is in his relationships with his beautiful wife Wendy, his incredible daughter Avarie or his other family and friends, or if it is in his work as a marketing consultant, customer service provider and a business partner, Chris approaches life with a need to improve, a desire to live positively, and a commitment to enjoy each day to its fullest.  His enthusiasm can be seen in everything he does.  From tackling a complex work challenge to taking on all challengers for a competitive game of Words with Friends or Disc Golf, Chris strives to be the best that he can be at everything he does.


Chris leads with his heart, and is motivated to succeed through commitment and dedication.  He strives to excel professionally, and he loves to learn and be challenged.  At the same time, he enjoys sipping a hoppy IPA with a slice of pizza (okay, a whole pizza) while contemplating his next move in a game of chess.  One of his biggest goals in life is to appear on Jeopardy! as he feels that is a great way to apply the hard-earned knowledge he has amassed over years and utilize it to fund a globe-trotting extended vacation.

Rachel Plamondon – Web Developer

Rachel, originally from Michigan, recently moved to Alaska for a new adventure. She has had a passion for programming since her days in high school. Moving into the college stage, she landed a job with a local SEO company and from there to a local marketing company, all in a little vacation town called Traverse City, Michigan. College gave her the tools to put in her toolbelt, but where she thrived was in the real world experiencing the web world for herself. Her background is with both web design and development, combining the many facets of the web field into her work to produce great looking websites!

During her personal time, she loves getting outside as much as possible. Whether it’s hiking, boating, swimming, you name it! Being from Northern Michigan, it is so hard not to go out and enjoy its own unique, beautiful scenery.

She is excited to have started her new journey and to contribute her unique skill set to the team!

Stefanie Vigoren – Graphic Designer

Stefanie grew up in International Falls—a small town nestled on the Canadian Border of Northern Minnesota, known as the Icebox of the Nation. Having cold roots, it only made sense to make a home somewhere colder… and she has been residing in Anchorage since 2006.

Steffi started her interest in graphic design at a young age, taking what classes were offered in her small town school. Her interest continued in creating artistic merchandise and posters for her band and that hands-on approach gave her the realization that she wanted to continue down the design path. Most of her work experience has focused in print journalism, working in the newspaper industry prior to joining the Buzzbizz Creative team in 2017.

Outside of work Steffi likes to play in her band Termination Dust, attend shows, and ice skate with her husky, Nika.

Monica Sterchi-Lowman – Graphics Lead

Monica joined the Buzzbizz Creative team in 2017, after owning her own boutique design studio for 10 years, where she worked with organizations around the world. This experience with such a broad spectrum of organizations allowed her to find her  “passion”  for designing for organizations focused on education, children and social justice.

A long-time supporter of the Anchorage community, she has served on several non-profit boards and was a founding member of the AIGA Alaska, the local chapter of AIGA | the professional association for design and currently serves as the Vice President. She is also a member of the Hillside Rotary Club and a past board member of the Zonta Yellow Rose Foundation.

When not designing, Monica enjoys being in the water and spending time with her family indoors. Her “new” favorite font is Gilbert (Type with Pride!); her guilty pleasure is eating McDonald’s french fries and soft serve ice cream together.

Heather Haffener – Senior Account Manager

Heather grew up between a red barn and corn fields in Southcentral Wisconsin and moved further into the Midwest for college; earning her bachelor’s degree in communications from Kansas State University. After graduation, Heather and her future mustached husband spent two months backpacking through Europe before relocating to Alaska.

Once in Anchorage, the most perfect English bulldog named Greta joined the family on their many adventures from hiking and biking to climbing and fishing. Greta enjoys watching the Iditarod, eating salmon, long hikes, and playing tug of war. She can be found once a month in the Buzzbizz office and holds the title of nap supervisor.

Heather started her career in Anchorage in the oil and gas industry working in the Public and Government Affairs department. There she gained experience coordinating events, writing press releases, and overseeing her company’s social media accounts until moving to an agency position in 2017. When she isn’t working with clients as an account coordinator, she volunteers on the American Cancer Society Associate Board of Ambassadors as a member of their marketing team.

Alexis Sheeder – Account Coordinator

Originally from Texas, Alexis spent most of her childhood in the red clay of Georgia and then spent high school/college staring at the corn and soybean fields of Iowa. She has been a performer since a young age and has always had a passion for telling other people’s stories. With a bachelor’s degree in Theatre she has studied many areas of the art form and has an extensive resume of plays and musicals she has been involved in. She even had the amazing opportunity to perform Schubert’s Mass in G at Carnegie Hall in 2014.

She was transplanted to beautiful Alaska where she began her marketing career with a local nonprofit and was the sole marketer. There she dabbled in many different aspects of marketing and gained a passion for the field.

She is always searching for her next Alaskan adventure with her cats, Lilley and Pumpkin. Sometimes that might mean hiking, trying a new restaurant, road tripping, or checking out a local brewery. You can call anything an adventure, right?

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